our philosophy

Our vision

"Imagine a world in which every single person experiences intercultural encounters as personal enrichment and passes on these positve experiences to all fellow humans."

Our mission

With our services, we enable employees working in an international context, expatriates and their families as well as global companies to build bridges between different cultures and to connect cultures.

Our values







  • Empathy:

Bridging Cultures puts itself in your place. Jointly we find tailor-made solutions for your individual challenges.


  • Responsability:

We take responsability for our service and commit ourselves to your success.


  • Integrity:

Bridging Cultures always acts in a loyal and transparent way. We keep our promises and are the trusting partner by your side.


  • For service:

We have a passion for service and are always at your side with help and advice.


  • For clients:

For Bridging Cultures you as customers are the center of attention. Your satisfaction is our success.


  • For innovations:

We are always committed to improving our services in order to exceed your expectations.


  • Know-how:

We are experts in the fields of intercultural communication and relocation services. We support you both with our professional expertise and our personal experience.


  • Personal engagement:

We are personally committed to your success. Your success encourages us every day to peak performance. Bridging Cultures gives everything to exceed your expectations every day.


  • Performance:

Bridging Cultures answers your requests reliably within 24 hours. With our quality standards, we cultivate a culture of sustainable, excellent performance, so that your intercultural encounters lead to personally enriching experiences.