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Employees in an international context

Wherever people work in an international context, different expectations towards leadership, teamwork and operations inevitably come together.  The result is often conflicts and misunderstandings.


In order to prevent this and to fully exploit the potential of international cooperation, Bridging Cultures offers tailor-made solutions. Gain intercultural competence and successfully implement your international projects.


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Expatriates & accompanying families

To help you settle in your new home country as quickly as possible, Bridging Cultures offers country-specific preparation trainings & coachings.  We assist you and your family also during your assignment as well as upon your return. We provide you with the necessary tools to find a solution to your individual challenges.


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With our professional relocation services, we also create the framework conditions for a successful posting. Before your assignment starts, we take care of e. g. the visa applications for you and your family, so that you can enter the host country by the planned date. On assignment, we support you e. g. with our home finding services and all authority requirements, while you can concentrate on your new work environment and your new colleagues. Also upon your return, you can rely 100% on Bridging Cultures. We initiate all necessary steps for you in time.


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Global companies

In order to fully exploit the potential of intercultural cooperation, Bridging Cultures offers your employees tailor-made intercultural trainings, seminars and workshops as well as individual coaching and consulting - regardless of whether they are employees who negotiate with international business partners on a regular basis, work in international teams or are to be sent on assignment abroad.


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To ensure that your assignees can fully concentrate on their work, we support your employees and their families with our professional relocation services even before their actual assignment starts. Also during the assignment as well as at the stage of repatriation, Bridging Cultures is the trusting partner for you and your employees. At every stage, we do everthing possible to exceed your expectations.


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