why bridging cultures?

Our offer

  • At Bridging Cultures you receive all services under one roof. With our services in the field of intercultural communication, we help to effectively bridge cultural differences. In addition, we create the framework for an excellent relocation experience due to our professional relocation services.
  • Bridging Cultures provides you with one main contact person, who guides you trustfully from start to finish. No matter whether you are an employee or an employer, at Bridging Cultures your main contact person coordinates all single steps and answers any open questions you might have.
  • Bridging Cultures focuses on the individual needs and the interests of the company.
  • Our team consists of highly qualified, committed employees who can put themselves into your position due to their personal international experience. Our employees know exactly where the shoe pinches.
  • Bridging Cultures offers you local know-how and a global network of experienced, reliable partners.
  • We create customized, transparent proposals according to your individual needs.
  • We offer you a fair price-performance ratio.
  • Bridging Cultures guarantees to answer all requests within 24 hours.

We have a clear vision in mind and live our values!

Your benefits as employee

  • Your learn to bridge cultural differences, which will convert intercultural encounters to an enriching experience for you.
  • If you are sent abroad by your company, Bridging Cultures supports you and your family even before the actual assignment takes place. You and your family will be excellently prepared for the new situation.
  • We assist you during the integration phase and enable you and your family to settle down quickly.
  • Bridging Cultures accompanies you throughout your entire assignment up to your repatriation.
  • You can focus 100% on your new workplace, your new colleagues and your family.
  • You are able to preserve your inner balance.
  • Your assignment will become a positive, valuable experience for you and your familiy.

Your benefits as employer

  • Bridging Cultures offers a clear, transparent pricing structure.
  • A clearly defined budget makes your costs calculable.
  • You can fully exploit the potential of intercultural cooperation.
  • You save time and money and can focus on your core responsibilities.
  • Due to Bridging Cultures' professional services, your assignees can fully focus on their work.
  • The efficiency and the satisfaction of your employees increases.
  • We attach great importance to an individual settling-in support for the expat and the entire family. This fact significantly reduces the risk of a premature termination of the assignment.
  • Your company builds a positive image and can excellently position itself in the market.
  • Your company provides incentives for new entrants and reduces the turnover rate among your employees.